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tv   Journal  PBS  June 19, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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♪ >> welcome to the "journal" on dw. >> here are our headlines. >> political unity ahead of the earth summit in rio de janeiro, but environmental groups are already criticizing. >> the g-8 leaders pile on the pressure on europe over the lack of progress on solving the debt crisis. >> germany's highest court says parliament must have more say on bailout funds. ♪ >> we begin with the u.n. system will development conference taking place in rio de janeiro
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where negotiators appear to have reached a breakthrough. >> expectations were not very high ahead of the meeting in brazil, but now there has been some sign of progress. >> negotiators managed to agree to a joint statement to be submitted for approval to the world leaders meeting. the draft outlines steps to tackle global environmental problems and reduce poverty by promoting green growth. >> the summit kicks off on wednesday with over 100 world leaders coming together in brazil for talks on environmental protection and poverty. >> for more on those talks in rio de janeiro, we're joined on the line by florian. this draft declaration has come together surprisingly fast compared with past summits. what is the basis of the consensus? >> as you said, this actually came as quite a surprise. it is the aim of every president of the u.n. conference to have a
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final draft approved before the heads of state arrived, which is tomorrow. it is just in the past and other conferences on climate change, it has never worked out. but the preparations for this conference have been going on for months and months. the german head of delegation, the minister for the environment, has been here since monday. so lots of negotiations have already been going on. we heard that last night there was actually quite a deadlock. the brazilian presidency wanted to put the final draft on the table, but that lack the ambitions from the eu in germany. they sort of played hardball and said, no, we're not going to sign a declaration that does not work. so they went into a night session, which we hear was quite heated. this morning, they actually came up with the new draft which is slightly more ambitious.
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actually, there are three key elements in it. the environmental program of the united nations will be upgraded institutionally, so they will fall short of a fully fledged u.n. organization, but they will get better funding probably and there will be more important. there is strong wording on ocean protection that is a compromise. the one to establish protection zones for oceans. then the green economy was mentioned. one has to say it is a very, very vague declaration, so the ngo's a very disappointment despite the so-called breakthrough. >> thank you very much for that. well, the rio sustainability summit is the culmination of decades of discussion, conscious of growing pressures on the environment of a global leaders
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and environmental groups that been meeting regularly over the years to discuss policies for a sustainable future. >> climate change and rising co2 levels have been a major focus. fears of global environmental disaster remain. >> 20 years ago, rio de janeiro posted the u.n. earth summit. for the first time, nations agreed to limit greenhouse gases to stop climate change. since then, there has been look "-- a little progress to the polar ice has receded further. emissions have increased. this, despite clear warnings. >> half the global temperature rise of the last hundred years can be traced to human activity, many co2 emissions. that has an impact on the rising sea levels. >> the majority of experts agree, if things do not change from the global temperature could rise by as much as four degrees celsius, but emissions continue to rise, especially in the u.s., china, and india. >> we have not managed to get
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all states behind the idea, but something has to be done to stop climate change. >> some scientists do see things differently. one theory is that climate changes driven by variations in solar activity. it is a highly controversial idea. >> this century, we will see a temperature rise is due to see it too, but not by the four degrees the one is predicting. it will be more like one degree. in the next few years sun will even lead to a temperature drop. >> but most experts agree if the worst is to be avoided, things do have to change. by 2020 at the latest. once again, this summit hopes to rein in that change. >> from one estimate to another, off to mexico now. europe has been in the hot seat at this week's g-20 summit meeting. some leaders are not taking criticism of their management of the eurozone debt crisis sitting down. >> the european commission
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president said europe and not need to be lectured on what needs to be done. despite the bickering, g-20 leaders in mexico are expected to put up a united front in their final communique, calling for more growth and job creation. >> angela merkel also took the opportunity for bilateral talks with chinese president hu jintao. >> the heads of the world's 20 largest economies were up early to carry on their meetings in review the text of the final communique. europe's financial woes have dominated the summit. the chinese leader, hu jintao, was thanked by germany's chancellor angela merkel for his country's faith in the euro. beijing has agreed to commit $43 billion to the international monetary fund to help it protect countries from the eurozone crisis. with other contributions from brazil, russia, india, south africa, and mexico, that will take the imf's war chest to
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almost $500 billion. but elsewhere in the conference, the mood was sour. the rest of the world is increasingly frustrated at europe's inability to get itself out of the economic problems. european leaders are divided on how to find a way out of the crisis. but the president of the european commission was not turning to outsiders for advice. >> we are extremely open. i wish that all our partners were so open about their own difficulties. we are extremely open, and we are engaging with our partners, but we certainly are not coming here to receive lectures from nobody. >> but the rest of the world is eager to see europe get its financial house in order to keep the global economy from being dragged back into recession. >> well, greece could finally have a government in place as soon as wednesday. that is the word from socialist leader evangelos in --
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evangelists -- evangelos venizelos after the neda marks and one. >> and the leader, antonis samaras, to form a broad coalition of parties that support the bailout -- the party that came microsecond is promising to make life difficult for a samaras-led environment. >> the greek people want one thing above all else the results. that means a new government and new negotiations with the european union as soon as possible. many young greeks is a wrenching a new bailout deal is a priority. >> everything must be renegotiated. in might have been better to go back to the drug money. i am totally against the austerity deal. -- to go back to the drachma. >> we need a grant "-- a grand coalition that will lead us out of this valley of tears. >> on tuesday, evangelos venizelos, the head of the pasok party, met the head of the democratic left party, fotis
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kouvelis. a bigger coalition will mean more leverage. the head of pasok said a coalition was close after the meeting. >> there is a need to form a national negotiating team that will deal with revision of harsh terms of the bailout deal. many of these conditions were forced on us in the initial phase of negotiations. >> the greek public's patience is another question. the moderate parties now have a chance, but they will need to produce results soon. >> kitty has been following developments in greece, and she joins us on the line from athens. is any government taking shape there in athens? >> there is certainly progress. the latest word is that we should or could have a government by midday tomorrow. there are minor details that need to be hammered out. but so far, it seems that we
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will have three party, new democracy, pasok, and the democratic left. these are the parties that will form the government with mr. samaras. the stumbling block is the bailout plan, because all of these different parties have slightly different views on the bailout. as the pasok leader said, it is not about who is in the government but how they deal with the bailout and recession and unemployment. technically, we have an agreement by midday tomorrow, but there are still many things that will go on between now and then. >> assuming this three-party coalition comes together, what position might have on the you- let bailout? is there a common denominator? >> all these different parties have slightly different views or greatly different views on the bailout. the opinion of most of them is that the want to renegotiate terms. it will be quiet tricky with brussels and berlin who want
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greece to stick quickly to the bailout terms. but this is a stumbling block in negotiations. but syriza will be in opposition, a strong, perhaps troublesome opposition party that is anti-bailout. so this government will not be a strong government. there are thoughts amongst some people that it will not last very long. >> thank you very much for that from athens. >> here in germany, the country's constitutional court has ruled that the parliament or the bundestag must be involved more closely in future negotiations on eu treaties. >> the court was responding to a complaint brought by the opposition greens party. it said the party did not have enough say, rather the parliament and not have enough say in discussion on the eu parliament -- permanent bailout fund, the esm, which is expected to come into force in july. >> the constitutional court ruled that parliament must be informed earlier about the german government's negotiations
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in eu matters. that would enhance the bundestag participation in dissent -- desisted making projects like the esm. -- a decision making projects. it might be complicated in practice, the judges said it was necessary. the mark kriski comes at a price, besetting limitations on democracy could cost us dearly -- a democracy comes at a price. >> the government argued that esm and bob treaties between individual countries. the court said it was a matter concerning the eu and that parliament had a constitutional right to have a say on it. it is a victory for the opposition greens, who brought the complaint. >> as parliamentarians, we can only represent the interests of the people we are informed and able to react at the appropriate time. >> because the court did not address the european stability mechanism itself but only procedural aspects of its negotiation, the ruling strengthens the bundestag's
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influence on decisions involving eu institutions. >> talking about stability, spain's fiscal status is looking increasingly wobbly. the country's borrowing costs are continuing to soar with interest rates on short-term bonds topping 5% on tuesday. >> the important thing to keep in mind is that is up from less than 3% just a few weeks ago. on monday, yields on spanish 10- year bonds also rose to a new record high, 7%, and those rates are widely considered to be unsustainable. >> the spanish bond auction raised 3 billion euros, but interest rates reached dangerously high levels. to borrow money for just one- year, spain had to pay more than 5% interest. the auction underscored madrid's pleas for help from the european central bank. spain is being punished. that is the tenor of media reports here. the developments in the financial sector have many people worried.
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>> it is not a solution when the markets are in charge. no one except the market knows the answer, in the market has interests that we do not understand. we do not know they're going to do. it is a virus that is very hard to cure. >> and there is more bad news from the spanish banking sector. the amount of bad loans on the books of lending institutions have reached their highest level since 1994, says the country's central bank. that is a total of around 150 billion euros of bad debt, well above the 100 billion euros that spain has requested in assistance from the eu. >> despite those concerns from spain, stocks in europe to close in positive territory in germany. the dax was hired by nearly 2%. the euro stoxx 50 also higher. trading under way in new york, a similar story. the dow is trading nearly 1% higher, 12,861.
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the euro trading for $1.2633. >> we are back in a minute. ♪ >> quick access to your programs. quick access to your region. all broadcast times at a glance, tailored to your needs. on the full program. >> the train is still delayed. >> what? you cannot be here? >> honey, honey!
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[bell rings] ♪ >> welcome back. in egypt, both sides are claiming victory in sunday's presidential election. official results are not due until thursday. thousands of people again to 2 tahrir square. they're protesting against what they say is a military coup. just under the polls closed on sunday, the ruling military council issued a decree giving it control of the army, defense budget, and legislative authority until a new parliament is voted in. >> both sides said talks on iran's nuclear program in moscow or tough but agreed to a new round of discussions next month. joining iran at the negotiating table in moscow on tuesday were the five permanent members of the u.n. security council plus germany. the world powers want to iran to
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stop and reaching uranium to levels that bring it close to acquiring weapons grade material. iran again refused, saying it has a right to continue the process on all levels. >> microsoft -- software giant microsoft has unveiled its first tablet computer. >> it is a branded service. the touch screen computer will be powered by a new windows eight system, and it can be combined with an ultra thin in touch cover the doubles as a keypad. >> microsoft hopes it will challenge apple's best-selling ipad. >> it is less than 1 centimeter thick, weighs less than 600 grams, and features a build-in its stand and keyboard. it is microsoft's first foray into the world a tablet computers. >> this is the new microsoft surface. >> microsoft ceo unveiled the model in los angeles. he did not say when it will hit
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the shops or with the price tag will be. but it already has the experts ranting and raving. >> it is a very interesting new device. the key point here is that it is not just another ipad. it almost serves as a replacement for the pc. >> apple currently enjoys a 63% of the share of the market for apple computers with its ipad. its main rival is samsung, with 9%. and as on follows with its e- book readers. microsoft intends its new offering to go head-to-head with the ipad. like apple, it designed the tablets around its own operating system, windows 8. microsoft's first tablet will hitch the company against some of its closest are were partners, such as hewlett- packard and samsung. >> in a moment, we will have all the action from the european soccer championships. first, some other stories making news now.
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the israeli army killed two palestinian teenagers in an air strike on tuesday. israel said the two 17-year olds were attempting to detonate an explosive device near the security fence at the border. earlier, hamas leaders in the gaza strip claimed responsibility for launching rocket attacks on israel. >> aung san suu kyi has begun a four-day trip to britain. she joined the debate at the london school of economics. during her visit, suu kyi will address parliament and meet members of the royal family. the nobel laureate live in britain for many years and has a home in oxford. >> prosecutors say the man dubbed the canadian psycho has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him. he was earlier extradited from germany to montreal. he is suspected of killing and dismembering a chinese student and sending the body parts to
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politicians and schools. >> eight turkish soldiers have been killed and 16 wounded in a series of attacks by kurdish militants in southeastern turkey. up to 100 guerrillas from the separatist kurdistan workers party stormed three military outpost near the border with iran and iraq. at least 10 people were reportedly killed by turkish forces. >> to soccer now, the euro 2012 championship, tuesday 's, d games are under way. england and ukraine are both hoping for a spot in the quarter finals. >> fans across europe were in high spirits with england fans hoping that ukraine's home advantage when not give them too much of an edge as the face-off. meanwhile, sweden, who had no chance to move forward, are hoping to save their honor against france in kiev. after more than 30 minutes of play, both england and ukraine are in a 0-0 draw, as are sweden
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and france. >> germany versus greece, not the eurozone debt crisis, but instead, talking about europe in 2012 soccer championships. >> they will face each other on friday. both sides are busy prepping for the big game. we had a chance to catch up with the german side of their home base. >> reporters from all over the world are focusing on this tournament's most successful coach so far. germany's jaochim low. >> we got nine points out of this tough group. that gives us a good footing in the competition. >> especially for the match against the greeks. but questions arise about whether the relationship between germany and greece, because of their economics of georgia, will affect the team's. >> i think you know that chancellor angela merkel and i have a very good relationship,
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and we also made a deal. she does not tell me about the starting lineup, and i do not tell her what to say politically. >> a good plan, at least so far when it comes to the german defense. these two players are clicking well together in the back four. they have known each other since their june your days in munich. >> we only played one year together in the under 15's, but he was a striker that i played midfield. so back then, we did not learn to much about playing defensively to the other. >> but since then, they have. the team has continued learning here in poland, thanks to some of germany's polish-born players. >> we picked up a few words you always here. lukas and miroslav hours local language teachers. they also clear up any misunderstandings and might have.
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little by little, we're coming along. >> after this training session, the germans have been given the rest of the day off to do some sightseeing in poland. as of wednesday, there but the full training and full concentration on the quarterfinal match against greece on friday. in the meantime, they will be doing some fine-tuning for this knockout phase of the tournament. >> all right, if you're a fan of art, a new exhibition is open in bonn featuring the works of the german artist. works span three decades and deal with everything from the panorama to german history and mythology. let's take a look. >> it is art that delves into the past. his pieces are famous for depicting darkness and decay as the start of something new. the any combination of art and philosophy has made him one of germany's most celebrated artists. 24 pieces spanning three
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decades are now on display in bonn. here, nothing is quite as it seems. >> there is always something positive in his work, like a new beginning. there are preconceptions that are smothering an appeals to emotion. they want to make people reexamine it. there's a lot of hidden meaning in his pictures. lots of different interpretations. many paths and many positive messages. >> his work depicts the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. once to make sure the past is never forgotten, even germany's difficult history. his work is often proved a catalyst for public debate. >> german history has not always been praised for the, so it can make you feel uneasy. i would not say he stirs thing up. he is intelligent and philosophically holds a mirror to his subjects. >> the search for transcendence is depicted in his latter, a
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theme which runs through the exhibition. for him, debris does not symbolize the end but the start of something new. >> staying in the art world, the man known as the king of kitsch is coming to germany. two museums in frankfurt are hosting a risk -- a retrospective of the american artist. >> we have a sneak preview. >> he likes to contract the new high culture in pop. >> visitors can look forward to famous works like michael jackson and bubbles as well as the world premiere of a new sculpture from the zero series. >> the king of pop, side by side with egyptian mummies. ejects the petition -- juxtaposition disney. -- is key. one of the britney works on show is balloon vms. it is surrounded by works of classical and the body. juxtaposition also takes a fresh take on women in tub.
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the porcelain came from italian pottery is recalling renaissance works around it. >> what art love to do is to make reference, and every artwork is referencing something else. if you did the ascension of the virgin here, it is referencing the famine in biology. it is referencing human light energy, anatomy. there is always artistic references, but there is always references being made. >> well this shows sculptures, another museum is showing paintings. this is one of 45 large-scale works on display. they include early canvases, like these reproductions of advertising posters. they recall a section of desires and the desire ability. also on show for the first time, a new work from the series and
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integrity. once again, they show koons' taste for playful juxtaposition. >> a quick update on this euro 22 games between england and ukraine, sweden and france. still no scores there. you can keep up with euro 2012 on our website at>> and you cann twitter. dw_sports. be sure to sign up for that one. >> stay with us. ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute ♪
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